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    I said hey, what's goin' on

    Thread Starter: detritus

    So I've made the call. As we come up to Ryonani's sixth anniversary, I'll be closing its doors and closing the sites hosted under the same banner as well, GameVixenZone and SDTMods. This is occurring for a number of reasons, but primarily due to personal time constraints. I'm moving forward with my career and have limited free time and willpower to invest in my previous hobbies.

    We've had an incredibly long run and while we never had the biggest community here, it always gave enough back for me to stick around. We had good people step up for moderation and keep things going when I wasn't able to maintain my presence. I've received a lot of positive feedback over the years just for my willingness to start this community. To those that took the time, while I may not have had much to say in return, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to do so. I've never viewed myself as a community leader, but I'm glad I took a shot at it.

    I didn't maintain a strong presence on GVZ or SDTMods, even after the original admins of both told me they no longer had the time to maintain it themselves. To the members of both sites, I have to apologize that I wasn't able to bring the same level of administrative service that I tried to maintain for Ryonani. My life had begun to shift around the same time as Anonymous and katzmotel.

    Now this may all sound like I'm saying good bye or that it's the end, but that's far from what's happening.

    Ryonani was a place where I could explore, discuss and share my sexual interests. They've changed and evolved over the past six years. I've come to terms with some, but more importantly, learned to empathize with the interests of others even if I don't share them and quell that urge to judge ones that are completely foreign to me. For me, ryona has been anything from a strange obsession and a shameful secret, but I often wonder how it might reside in the foreground of my thoughts if I didn't have this place as a private outlet for these interests and more twisted thoughts.

    As I've mentioned throughout some posts on the forums before, I strongly believe what intrigues us sexually is primarily a product or an amalgamation of circumstances and experiences outside of our control and while indulgence in such subject matter is of course a conscious choice, not everyone is equipped to suppress their urges in a way that works for them. Sexual repression leading to social isolation is incredibly harmful and it's not something I would want anyone to go through. These sites primarily exist so that we can share things we don't feel comfortable talking about in person or mainstream social media with as much detachment from our real identity as possible.

    For those reasons, I'm planning on building one last home for everyone that's come through here over the years. I want to take everything I've learned from the last six years and apply it towards a fresh start. A large part of why the sites take so much time to maintain is poor initial planning and the threat of data loss from attempting major changes (see UTF8 conversion, unused features, SEO rankings and friendly URLs, broken links etc).

    Yes, the vast majority of thread/posts/attachments will be deleted in this process, however it will be entirely by choice. This project will complete it's rollout at the middle of November, so there's still a bit of time before this will all take place.

    The current timeline for this transition is as follows:

    October 2nd: registrations are closed for all sites

    October 9th: begin determining what content should be migrated

    October 23rd: complete build out of the new infrastructure and software

    October 30th: prune all inactive accounts and test migration of databases

    November 6th: finalize migration and complete cutover

    November 13th: archive existing data and decommission old hardware, deadline for completing the migration

    If you have any content that has only ever been uploaded to the internet using an attachment system, please backup this content yourself before the old sites are removed. We're going to be extremely selective about what gets migrated. A conservative estimate is less than 5% of all threads will make it to the new forums. Everything else will be redone manually copy pasta style, assuming you guys want to bring it over.

    As far as what you can expect in this new home: A much more streamlined experience with HTTPS encryption, anonymous IRC, an integrated gallery, resource hosting, responsive design for mobile devices and no third-party advertisements. I'm putting forth as much effort as possible to make your privacy my primary concern while keeping spammers and bots at bay.

    So, that's a mouthful. That's where we're heading. I won't beg or twist anyone's arm to go along with it. If you think this is a bad idea, I can understand why, but I can also see a lot of benefit to bringing all three communities together in one place. I look forward to the continuation of the community here and wish those of you who won't be joining us all the best.

    Some additions regarding questions I've gotten:

    Inactive accounts are accounts that haven't logged on since the notice was posted regardless of post count. Also all new registrations have been blocked. All active accounts will be migrated but not all of your content will.

    There are two types of threads that should be suggested for migration:
    1. Threads that heavily utilize the attachment system and are specific to this site
    subnote A. General ass/titties/LookAtThisHotBitch chain threads don't qualify as they're low value in general and can be kicked up again pretty much whenever
    subnote B. If you used an external host like Photobucket or Imgur, just back up your raw post to a text file. These will be fairly easy for you to repost on the new site or really any site that support BBCode.
    2. Threads with multiple contributors that would lose value if the reply chain/order is disrupted
    subnote A. threads like roleplays, relevant roundtable style discussions, project planning threads, etc. that a single person can't solely be responsible to backup.

    I'm currently offering no guarantees on the migrations, so if you have any doubt and it's really important that you don't lose that data, then please back it up yourself just in case. You should be able to use tools like Bulk Image Downloader or JDownloader to rip the image links from your raw post. Conversion of content is not high on my priority list as it's essentially 'old furniture' that can be brought over assuming you want to bring it over. If it's too heavy for you, then it's probably just as heavy for me. Again, planning and proper build-out are my primary concerns.

    I'm going to say this outright because I know it's coming: don't even think about approaching me with "I'm your most valuable contributor/modder/moderator/whatever" and tell me I owe you something. I worked in service for 6 years and only the absolute worst people try to use this line. No money has been exchanged here; everyone is a volunteer. You can absolutely ask me to look at one of your threads or a thread you feel is valuable and if I agree, I'll try my best to make it happen. That's all I can promise.

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