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    daniels is offline Ryonan
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    Aug 2012
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    is this site any good to download from? anyone ever downloaded a video from there?

    Thanks in advance

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    darkchameleon1 is offline Somebody
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    I have, they havent update since March 2011. At least you get to download lots of videos. All mixed have the fat guy in it :/ and well, I dont really care for F vs F so, cant say much about it but theres plenty of that in it.

    And in case you're gonna ask to download it to share, I will say no.

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    I'll second that. No sharing or asking for them for free, please and thank you.
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    daniels is offline Ryonan
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    Aug 2012
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    Wow so i signed up to

    Firstly the username and password provided doesn't work

    so i changed to Safari and this time after putting the username and password in, it directs me to Kickassgirlz where i have to be a member just to buy videos! I just got cheated out of $40

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    Ooof! That sounds horrible I would definitely e-mail both the administrator of knockoutgirlz and kickassgirlz and let them know about this problem you're having. I don't know much about the companies, but I hope for your sake that they have fair and decent customer service. Good luck with this and thanks for the warning! Keep us updated.
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