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Thread: ladyfist

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    maxximo90 Guest


    why all video of ladyfist were delete from the forum?
    Someone have some of this video expecialy with absynthe lose?

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    They tend to get a little pissy when they find their stuff they want you to pay for being freely shared. They're well within their rights to get mad though. Stupid intellectual property rights...

    Hopefully you enjoy it here anyway, emjoy the discussions. Maybe soon you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

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    Seaking's a dick, pirate his stuff all day long.

    The girls should've known better before getting involved with someone like him. Sorry girls.

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    maxximo90 Guest
    ok and nobody in this forum have some video to send me in private?

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    CapnDinner Guest
    ok and nobody in this forum have some video to send me in private?
    Agreed! After all if the guy's a dick you would totally be sticking it to him by sharing those clips with us. TOTALLY. >__>

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    I'd have to lock this thread if people start sharing videos on here. You may discuss Ladyfist here, however.

  7. I find ladyfist very hit and miss. Whilst scripted I find it can still be a little too much on the brutal side, though I think the girls there sell the moves really well and on occasion there is a clip I really like from there.

    I looked into getting a custom to try and get a good load of bearhugs and bodyscissors in... but the price was very steep. I think its for a 40 min vid but I wouldn't want a clip that long. 10 - 15 mins tops would do me. Shame really...

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    Looks like these guys are shutting down in 2012 (according to their website they're closing up shop within the next few days). I always found their videos to be overly long and really sloppy at times. Their was also a certain sameness to their roster, though several of the girls were lovely. I always had a soft spot for Tigra. It's unfortunate that the company never seemed to evolve beyond two gymnasts contorting each other with their tits hanging out (when I put it that way, it sounds pretty sweet actually). Still, I have loads of respect for anyone that manages to stay in the customs business as long as they did. Best wishes to 'em.

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    CapnDinner Guest
    Gee whiz...

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    I'm really bummed about them closing. I LOVE Raven (especially in the rare videos when she lost.) It's too bad they took the site down with zero notice and no way to purchase videos through a place like Clips4Sale.

    They used to have some really bloody videos too in the early days but Seaking (I guess that's who runs it?) yanked them after a dispute with the credit card processor.

    I looked into doing a custom but they wanted $600 and you can do a professionally produced Ring Divas custom for $500 so it didn't make much sense.

    I'd love to track down those videos with Raven losing though (and the earlier bloodier ones) if anyone has them. If the site is dead, I don't see any harm in sharing links to those videos given that they're no longer available to purchase.

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    That's unfortunate. I was planning on snagging some of their videos with Gypsy but they had taken the videos down from the store. It seems their 'sister' site femfightbound is still up but it hasn't updated in a while.

  12. Yeah, it's a shame. It wasn't particularly a fav site of mine since I thought it was a tad too brutal for my tastes at times, with some harsh trash talking and all that crotch attacking and stuff, as well as not being fond of topless fights (otherwise topless is fine), but there was some clips and photos that I really cherished. I joined up when they had an entire photo set dedicated to Absynthe being bearhugged so naturally I joined to grab the photos. I managed to find a few more clips I really liked from there with some photos before the membership ran out. I would have taken a heck of a lot more if I knew the site was going to go down. Not that it would have mattered, the PC with all that stuff on died a death and I lost it all. I really should have rejoined and got it back.

    I was hoping to get a custom too if I could somehow lower the price for a 10 - 15 min clip or the such, alas I guess that won't be happeninig any time soon. It's a shame because I became a fan of Absynthe's and Ema who were in that site, as well as Gypsy who I thought was great at dishing out punishment. It will be a greater shame if those girls vanish from the female fighting world. I guess I'll have to look elsewhere for a potential custom vid.
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    R.I.P ladyfist. was generally a great site, i thought they had alot of great videos and great wrestlers too (personality wise). Absynthe and Pixie were the best!

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    Why shut down with no notice? I'm not exactly flush with cash at the moment but I would have made an exception to purchase some vids considering I wouldn't get another opportunity to do so. Sites that are shutting down really should do more "going out of business" style sales.

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    What a shame. Oftentimes the videos were too violent for me, but when they did it right, they really did it right.

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    Ugh, horrible. They were my favorite site, and were just simply amazing.

    What's the protocol on discussing trading now? I emailed the admin asking if they'd still sell videos through email/paypal and got no answer. I mean, if they don't want the money...

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    That's my question too. If the site doesn't exist, and there's no way to purchase the videos legally, I think we should be able to share the videos freely on here, or at the very least be able to trade.

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    go0se957 Guest
    Yea i agree. I dont have a whole lot of their material but i would share wat i have if possible.

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    Lady Fist was my favorite site! Luckily, I already bought a lot from them. But there were still a few more I'd like to buy, but they won't answer my email! So frustrating!

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    CapnDinner Guest
    Man! And I had planned on buying their videos once I could get a credit card... NOT EVEN FAIR! They should have kept an archive for generations to come...


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