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    YouTube Intergender Wrestling

    OK, the purpose of this thread is to post intergender wrestling ryona from YouTube and other video-sharing websites such as DailyMotion, NicoVideo, Youku, etc.

    Everyone is invited to post links to any intergender wrestling videos they come across. There is just one condition: the male wrestler wins the match. Certain matches with women winning are also all right if the match is really good and the female wrestler gets severely beaten up before she is able to win, but if you are going to link such matches, write "Woman wins" next to the link.

    All kinds of wrestling are OK - matt wrestling, mud wrestling, ring wrestling, apartment wrestling, etc.

    No femdom or female wrestling, please. If you want to post such clips, do so in another thread.

    A few vids have already been linked in the following threads:

    Dailymotion Ryona Videos

    Real Action Wrestling (Angel Dust)

    Power Zone Wrestling (contribution by MaidenJeanne)

    Kana (contribution by kained and brisco23)

    Here's the first batch

    A match with Athena

    Mike Black vs Amy Morgane

    Mike Black vs Amy Morgane 2

    Mike Black vs Amy Morgane 3

    Joey Ryan vs Ellen Degenerate

    Genni Right vs Will Owens Part 1

    Genni Right vs Will Owens Part 2 Woman wins.

    Buck DeRais Vs. Delilah Hayden

    Darrius vs Vanessa Harding - short clip

    Kassy Summers vs "The Evil Icon" Shane Dynasty Woman wins.

    Crystal White vs Shane Woman wins thanks to outside help.

    Sarah Stock (Dark Angel) vs Outlaw Part 1

    Sarah Stock (Dark Angel) vs Outlaw Part 2

    April Hunter vs Alan Funk

    Chimaera vs Nikki

    Violet vs Il Marchese The very first intergender ryona clip I have found. Brings tears to my eyes .

    Josianne the Pussycat vs Jaguar Part 1

    Josianne the Pussycat vs Jaguar Part 2 Woman wins.

    Jason Silver vs Alektra Blue

    Amien Ros vs Lucia

    I'm going to successfully post links to more videos so stay tuned. I also hope that I will not be the only person contributing in this thread.
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    OK, here's the next set of links.

    By the way, I've got a favour to ask of anyone viewing these vids - can you check out the related videos and the channels on which they have been hosted and then post any similar videos you come across here? This is often the best way of finding intergender wrestling ryona.

    Christopher Ryseck vs Black Velvet, suniDAZE and Lylah

    Christopher Ryseck vs three women There's no ending, but he seems to be winning.

    Blake Mitchell vs Luscious Lola

    Angel Rose vs Michael Manix Woman wins thanks to the help of the partial referee.

    Santino Machine vs Rico vs Mariah A triple-threat match that quickly turns into a "who-pins-the-girl-first" race.

    Hero Tiger vs Amy Morgane Poor quality

    Lucia vs Mike Black

    Hurley vs Lucia

    Buck DeRais vs Bianca Wild vs Krystan Skye

    Cherry Bomb vs RJ City Woman wins

    Eklipse vs The Perfection Amateur but fun.

    Christina Von Eerie vs "Pretty" Peter Avalon Part 1

    Christina Von Eerie vs "Pretty" Peter Avalon Part 2

    Amy Morgane vs AR Fox Part 1

    Amy Morgane vs AR Fox Part 2

    Amy Morgane vs Jonathan Gresham Part 1

    Amy Morgane vs Jonathan Gresham Part 2

    Amy Morgane vs Jake Diamond

    Stefany vs Excess Part 1

    Stefany vs Excess Part 2 Woman wins thanks to outside interference. There are two pretty original moves in this vid which I haven't seen anywhere else.

    Buffy vs Iron Maiden A lot of items get used as weapons in this one (also against the female wrestler).

    Zack Storm vs Sabrina Kyle

    Roxy vs Tom Danniels Part 1

    Roxy vs Tom Danniels Part 2

    Roxy vs Tom Danniels 2
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    *bump Let's keep this thread alive.

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    Frankly, I don't really feel like posting any more links until someone else steps up and contributes. I refuse to believe that there are no people here beside me who look for and have links to intergender matches. I have quite a few new links, but I won't post them until at least one person posts some too.

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    Thanks for the links, junkydog. My favourite is the tag match with Veronica Vice. She's really hot, but doesn't seem to appear in mixed matches very often, especially on the losing side. It's a bit of a shame that most of those matches are scripted in such a way that men have to cheat in order to win, but then, you can't have everything.

    Here's a few more from me:

    Darci Drake vs. La Bestia

    Darci Drake vs. Bestia Nocturna Two matches - she loses the first bout, but wins the second one.

    Jewdas vs. Blu Skadu

    Miracle Mike James vs. Erica D'Erico

    Ian Logan vs. Nikita Average quality.

    Roxy vs. Jorgito Nitido Match is interrupted, but the man is demolishing her.

    Rik Luxury vs. Christina Von Eerie Pt. 1

    Rik Luxury vs. Christina Von Eerie Pt. 2

    Jarek 1:20 vs. Allysin Kay This one ends with a beautiful submission hold.

    Hank Havoc vs. Jenny Sjödin Part 1

    Hank Havoc vs. Jenny Sjödin Part 2

    Tara Valifax vs. Dave Winant

    Tara Valifax vs. Arkum

    Bruce Santee (c) & Amy Love vs. The Empire Amy Love. Enough said.

    "The Heartbreaker" Zackary Blane vs. Christi Whiplash

    Christi Whiplash vs. Nick Fury

    Ace vs. Christi Whiplash

    Wow, Whiplash has the longest hair I have ever seen in the whole of wrestling industry. Really sexy in my opinion.

    Hector Reyes vs. Angel Rose

    Buggy & Christina von Eerie vs. The Ballard Brothers Pt. 1

    Buggy & Christina von Eerie vs. The Ballard Brothers Pt. 2

    Nevina Rylee vs. Crimson AlKhemia

    F-O vs. Krystan Skye Ends with a man jumping from a top turn buckle on the prone girl. I doubted that he would do that to the very last moment.

    Ricky Fuji vs. Reina Ayukawa

    Santana Garrett & Black Tigress vs. Dirty White Boy Women win, but not before taking a lot of punishment.

    Xandra Bale vs. Anthony Darko

    P.J. Tyler vs. Amy Victory

    Rachel Summerlyn vs. Evan Gelistico

    Michael James vs. Trixie

    Michael James vs. Trixie 2

    TRI&Riddlez vs. HGH

    HGH vs. Trixie&Riddlez vs. IS vs. FX

    Adan Reyes vs. Sierra Rose A really cute girl and a really solid much with some stiff looking punches.

    Lukas Sharp vs. Amanda Fox

    Tiffany Roxx vs. Logan Chase

    Delilah and Trixie Hayden vs. Freaking Flax and F-O This one too ends in a jump from a turn buckle.
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