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Thread: Vore Games

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    Kisame Guest

    Vore Games

    I like the game "Millia Wars" - I think she's the best
    also like her is a game "fromage" - it is not completed yet only a couple of rooms (or one, depending on the version) and 5 monsters. but there is a good gameplay.
    I don `t know more vore games.
    Write here the examples of other vore games.

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    Jan 2010
    Hello Kisame and welcome to Ryonani. Please take a look at our Downloadable Games section and you will find several games that include vore, for example Fromage , Ryona ge no kandume (a trilogy of games including Millia Wars) and Okurete Sumimasen. Please discuss each one in its own thread. Thank you!

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    Kisame Guest
    thank you, I completely forgot about this topic

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    officerlumpy Guest
    Sigh... I had my hopes up thinking someone had released something, but it was just a question. -.-

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    herno Guest

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    Monster Girl Quest. It's an RPG with a lot of shota rape that often ends in the shota being devoured.

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    Volfy Guest


    Hey, I noticed some of these vore game links are long inactive
    Anyone know where I can find some new active ones?

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    officerlumpy Guest
    You google for it, and if you get a link from dlsite, if you google the filename, you can download it that way.

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    Here's Monster Quest 1 and 2, with a completed save and all the girls unlocked:

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    Acid Rain Guest
    D-Gate's Chrono O'clock (DLSite link here) is quite nice as well. It's a short 3D fighting game with well-made soft vore scenes.

    EDIT: Oh, just saw that there's also a thread for this game at the Downloadable Games section.
    Last edited by Acid Rain; 03-21-2013 at 08:06 AM.

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    Duamutef's Glorious Vore RPG - Duamutef's Glorious Vore RPG is a good one IMO. Its an RPG for the most part with mainly monster girls and a few non gender monster (snakes,frogs) Though theres alot of scat in the game so be warned.

    viocide - Viocide Its a metroidvania type game, mainly non genderless monsters and one monster girl in there.

    Other than the other ones mentioned already those are the only completed ones i know of.

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    I can think up Echidna Wars mini, which is a small java game from the creators of Fromage and Mirea Wars: ミニ戦記 - echidna wars mini -
    There is a thread about it here :

    I also found this game: モン姦リョナアクション has similar gameplay and graphics as viocide, however it is way inferior. Anyway it's worth checking

    EDIT: Don't you love it when the server disconnects while typing a comment?
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    alchemickaiser Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Thundragon View Post
    I also found this game: モン姦リョナアクション has similar gameplay and graphics as viocide, however it is way inferior. Anyway it's worth checking
    Is this Vore RPG? Cause it's been a while since I played the game. Plus to actually see 3D lamia action would be VERY nice

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    Monster Girl Quest 3 - Translated, completed, with a save for every monster girl (I think one out five or so has a vore scene)




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