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Thread: Fighting of Ecstasy (18+)

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    Fighting of Ecstasy (18+)

    Recently (as in today) I watched Fighting of Ecstasy, and in wanting to cut a version for a friend that doesn't feature the hentai part, I recut the episode so that it's only ryona focused...with some nudity. The focus on this is ring style fighting/action. There is a episode 2 coming in soon, maybe even later today!

    I uploaded a clean version for YouTube, but I also cut a more dirtier version. Enjoy!

    The YouTube Cut
    ^The link to the YouTube version.

    More Dirtier but still not Hentai Cut
    ^The link to the more dirtier version. A far bit of warning, there is touching in this version of it (as in the body parts touching). I tried to match it for a friend, but I guess it's alittle too much as he doesn't like it...oh well. Maybe you'll like it?
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    Wow, didn't actually know where that Crimson Comics game got those characters...
    Much like in the game, I love that shot of her tied to the corner post.
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    Actually, Crimson created the characters, but gave these guys permission to use them.

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    Wasn't there some sort of game based on that too? The name sounds awfully familiar.

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    It was originally a series of games based off of fighting game characters, until they started to make their own characters for it.

    And darn, Unrelated! I wanted to personally show you the clip! Oh well...should have thought of that before I uploaded it, of course.



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