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    ! Amazon Kara Ė Test Version

    Iíve been really lazy. Really, really lazy. Pretty much no progress at all for the past few months.
    In the last post I said Iíd release AK this year, but seeing as we are already in October, Iím not so sure about that anymore. So to shorten the wait for the game a bit, Iíve decided to release a test version.
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    A few things to note when playing this version:
    • The first stage doesnít include any enemies, so use it to make yourself familiar with the controls.
    • The second stage consists of one boss, so donít expect it to be an easy fight.
    • You are faster than her, so use this to your advantage.
    • The control scheme is automatic, so you canít/donít need to smash yourself free.
    • Keys can be changed through the Game-Window (as always).
    • There is no game over at the moment; so if you lose, close the game (or watch Kara suffer for eternity).
    Give it a try, tell me what you think. In the meantime Iíll try to get my ass up working again.


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    Yay, something new! Thanks! There are a few things I think that can be improved:
    That sperm fountain looks wrong. Its much more natural and hot if it trickles down her skin and creates a puddle.
    One feature I always wish for in such games is for the fighters to stay in the center of the screen even if they approach the border of the screen. In other words when they hit the border the screen keeps moving and stays centered. That way I don't have to avoid being cornered simply because I don't want half of their bodies being hidden during the next H-scene. One way to handle that is put magical/force fields that replace the actual border.
    Also any chance of separate zoom-in cameras similar to FairyFighting?

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    You can actually start a new game when you click ESC and A+B+C (the controls, not the actual keys on the keyboard) to get back to the menu, and if you do that the "teleporter" to the new stage are missing.
    You can kill the boss by starting shooting as soon as you enter the second stage and can easily kill her because you're to far away to trigger her to attack.
    The revolver is a little to powerful against her, maybe she should be able to deflect the bullet back to you or have a ranged attack that you have to dodge by crouching.
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    Hello Toffi!

    I would also like to give some feedback: I played the demo several times and I totally love it! Looks like it will be an awesome game and it will be hard to wait till you get it finished :)

    I was really surpriced that there were so many diffrent ways for that big girl to humiliate Kara and how well they fit together. I also really loved her taunts and I hope that there would be even more of them in the final version. Maybe you could even double their amount :D
    I also have to agree with Someone92 that it's too easy to kill her Indiana Jones way, so that you just go to other side of the map and then bang bang bang her to death. The gun should devinitely have ammo limit or it could overheat or something like that.

    Also I noticed a bug: I like to press Esc to pause the game during Kara getting a beating. However when I do that while I'm croutching and the boss does her "eat dirt" move, she kicks me out of the screen and the game ends. I cannot get back to screen and the enemy stops doing anything
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    Awesome game, looking forward to the release of it. Loved the many moves the boss does when the char is downed.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    Like I said in the comments, the gun wasn't supposed to be in the game. I just forgot to take it out. It was just an experiment and is not balanced yet.

    And don't pause the game. That has always made some kind of trouble.
    It's actually a problem of the program itself, nothing I could solve within the gamecode.

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    SirBert Guest
    How can I say?
    I'm totally in awe!

    Seriously, it is uncommon to see such care for details even in commercial demo/trials.

    I played the demo several times and I did not notice any serious bug. Only some glitch that I'm pretty sure are common to Fighter Maker.
    Maybe there is space for some balancing: the boss packs quite a punch, but once you outrun her by dashing back and forth she becomes pretty easy. Maybe she should be more of a challenge with a "charging" attack that you can only avoid and forces you to be more careful in rushing forward.

    Her uh... "finishers" are almost all perfect.

    Keep up the good work!

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    yea ist wew
    i love the details i nthe background
    can't really concentrate on the boss
    *looks at the girl with sword*

    and the boss attacks and rape
    really nice done
    would love to se her make a different futa rape to like 3 different rape attacks
    oh waite she have different o_o
    omg wow!!!!

  9. Love it. Really great start here. The background has enough going on to make it seem alive (and distract me). Ditto with the boss talking, although that might become too repetive on multiple play-throughs. For now though I think it's neat.

    I REALLY like the health + humiliation system you've built. Provides a way to see some sexy scenes without having to completely lose. If anything, I'd suggest a (slow) way to regenerate these back, so that we're not limited to 3 falls between continues.

    The axe throw & the multi-hit combo are both quarter circle forward motions (I think). Would be nice if these two didn't overlap.

    Glad to see you're sorta working again. Hope you can get back to it. If it helps, I'll be glad to bribe you with my unfinished game.... hahah Maybe we can race to see who takes longer to get something done.


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    Overall it was really good. I loved the feet themed moves, and the piss humiliation wasn't bad either. I love how she has helpers to help humiliate her. One thing i would say is that maybe the orgasm should look different in the way it spurts out somehow? I kind of agree with what a previous poster said about it. Overall, it's definitely looking like it's going in the right direction. I definitely hope to see more feet and piss based moves.

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    Best demo ever, if you keep going with the game like this it's going to be the best ryona/hentai game out there. This is the kind of game I love, the RoR not the fighting game. You have pleased alot of fans toffi, and I hope this game will get more updates, you know like Eluku's Fairy Fighting, he always updates it. Point is: don't make an early ending as you may want to add new things to the game.

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    I do hope that the game is done soon because its amazing the demo is friggin awesome.

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    I downloaded it but can't play it . It closes everytime i try to launch the application. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Have you tried to re-download the game? Do other 'Fighter Maker' games work? Have you tried running it as an admin?

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    Well, I tried running it as an admin and I did re-download the game. But I have not been able to run a "fighter maker" game as you put. Do I need to download a specific program? And I tried running it with the unicode changed to Japan but it didn't work.



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