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Thread: Raped!

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    Toffi's first game: Raped!

    Pretty much the predecessor of Fairy War.

    Download Link

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    stargazer Guest
    i liked this game.. i LOVE MAI!

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    realy mugen^^
    but the enemys are looking cute with this 2d sprites <3

    the monsters are really cute in the 2d sprites^^ the beees =3
    i like that its allway a start move like kissing and then a stronger sex move

    and the ying yang hp and sp frame was nice too =3
    just the heroines there with to much pixels-.-

    the flowergirl again <3

    need to try making games too >.<
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    keeblerelf Guest
    Ah, I wanted to try out something of Toffi's so this was the first thing I downloaded. (Small, short, and who can argue with the title?)
    It's easy and short, but the animation is fluid and the sounds are good.
    There is a glitch in the game with Sample B during the final fight. If you get hit with a tentacle as I lunge, your character ends up stuck in mid-air. The boss can't hit you so you must quit the game. (Not terrible since the game is so quick.)

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    Elle Guest
    Seems alright... Maybe a bit too easy, though. Most of the time I could just keep spamming the same button and not have to worry about getting hit much. =P Last boss was a little harder, though...

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    I just tried the link, and it's no longer available. Anyone else have a DL location.

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    Tried the link just now and it's working fine for me.

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    Small size but game has big fun (: i love that!Thanks ^^

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    Hmmmm Guest
    It doesnt work for me. The game i mean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hmmmm View Post
    It doesnt work for me. The game i mean
    If you're looking for help you should give more informations what exactly doesn't work, e.g. does the game immediately closed itself after you started it, does it gives a error message etc.
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    gah! The link to this game! it is gone! I really wanted to play it, too...

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    okjubh Guest
    thank you!I really wanted to play it, too

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    Click on the wooden "Toffi" sign in the top right of the page, it will lead to Toffi's blog, there you'll find working links for his games.

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    Misaki Guest
    It looks very good, I like this.

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    Anonymous Guest
    Can you post another link other than MU? That site has vanished.
    Perhaps Mediafire?

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    Evil Guest
    looks cool)

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    Finished. Pretty easy, yet cool game, with nice plot. There should be bad ends for each level, I think, but it's still well done.

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    Yeah, I remember that this was one of the first H-games I played along with Nightmare Sphere. The only thing that I can complain about are some of the ra** animations, I mean like the tentacles aren't really going inside her, etc.
    I hope Toffisama makes Raped! 2... And put other KoF and even other characters from different games. That would be awesome 'cause his latest projects have nice animations.
    This game really changed on how I look to the real KoF games lol. Whenever I see people playing the real KoF games, it's like I'm expecting some ra** to happen.

    Well, off-topic but...
    Here's my story:

    A few years back, I was playing some "mainstream" 2d platforming game, enemies grab my character and I thought "what if there's a grab where the enemy rapes my character?" Then I searched the net, I typed something like "Rockman game with rape" and there came out "Mickman X", entered the author's blog and found "Nightmare Sphere", I played it and it was fun! The first H-Platformer I've played, then searched more and saw this game (Raped!). Then "Unholy Sanctuary", and so on... I registered here because whenever I search for H-games, Ryonani is almost always on the search results list, along with ulmf and hongfire. Just saying...
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