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Thread: Raped!

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    Toffi's first game: Raped!

    Pretty much the predecessor of Fairy War.

    Download Link

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    stargazer Guest
    i liked this game.. i LOVE MAI!

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    realy mugen^^
    but the enemys are looking cute with this 2d sprites <3

    the monsters are really cute in the 2d sprites^^ the beees =3
    i like that its allway a start move like kissing and then a stronger sex move

    and the ying yang hp and sp frame was nice too =3
    just the heroines there with to much pixels-.-

    the flowergirl again <3

    need to try making games too >.<
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    keeblerelf Guest
    Ah, I wanted to try out something of Toffi's so this was the first thing I downloaded. (Small, short, and who can argue with the title?)
    It's easy and short, but the animation is fluid and the sounds are good.
    There is a glitch in the game with Sample B during the final fight. If you get hit with a tentacle as I lunge, your character ends up stuck in mid-air. The boss can't hit you so you must quit the game. (Not terrible since the game is so quick.)

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    Elle Guest
    Seems alright... Maybe a bit too easy, though. Most of the time I could just keep spamming the same button and not have to worry about getting hit much. =P Last boss was a little harder, though...

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    I just tried the link, and it's no longer available. Anyone else have a DL location.

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    Tried the link just now and it's working fine for me.

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    Small size but game has big fun (: i love that!Thanks ^^

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    Hmmmm Guest
    It doesnt work for me. The game i mean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hmmmm View Post
    It doesnt work for me. The game i mean
    If you're looking for help you should give more informations what exactly doesn't work, e.g. does the game immediately closed itself after you started it, does it gives a error message etc.
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    gah! The link to this game! it is gone! I really wanted to play it, too...

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    okjubh Guest
    thank you!I really wanted to play it, too

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    Click on the wooden "Toffi" sign in the top right of the page, it will lead to Toffi's blog, there you'll find working links for his games.

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    Misaki Guest
    It looks very good, I like this.

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    Anonymous Guest
    Can you post another link other than MU? That site has vanished.
    Perhaps Mediafire?

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    Evil Guest
    looks cool)

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    Finished. Pretty easy, yet cool game, with nice plot. There should be bad ends for each level, I think, but it's still well done.



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