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Thread: GameVixenZone

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    So I know the site closed down. The guy that ran it was trying to sell it for rather exorbitant amount of money and apparently there were no takers so he just shut it down. He made an announcement before closing it down saying he would be starting a new site called GameModZone but it doesn't look like that's gone anywhere. Did the guy change his mind or something?

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    katzmotel Guest
    From what I can tell Trent (the old owner of GVZ) became busy with other things. In any case I know you asked this pretty much on my behalf. I wanted to thank you for agreeing to host the new GVZ as well as helping with the design. I'm sure it won't be long before the GVZ community finds their way back here. For any members here that haven't heard of it GVZ it was and is again a site dedicated to video game babes and game mods for the games they're in.

    All are welcome. 8)

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    Oh, cheers buddy. I saw the site had closed down but couldn't be bothered to find out what had happened. Glad to see it's found a new home.



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