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    Superheroine Video Companies (Discussion/Reviews/Questions)

    Fail Safe Sisters - Episode 1 - A Star Has Fallen

    Next Global Crisis has been one of my favorite purveyors of ryona material in the superheroine genre, and with their new "season", they take a departure from the main NGC storyline and enter into a more gritty, pessimistic world. Although I chiefly enjoy wrestling vids, superheroine ryona takes a close second place. A brief review (***SPOILERS***) of this new storyline follows.

    -The two main performers are excellent
    -The actress playing Shadowstar is beautiful, fit, and an outstanding combat actress
    -The actress playing Sadie Payne is hot, differently so than Shadowstar, and makes for an excellent thuggish heel
    -Combat portrayal is outstanding
    -Special effects are quite good
    -Acting is terrific
    -Priced at about $1/minute

    -You might get lost if you don't read the material posted on the web regarding the direction of this storyline. The intro sequence doesn't lay out the background of the world of the story as well as the website does.
    -There is a minor flub (I stress minor) in one of the combat scenes that makes it into the final cut of the video itself.
    -The setting is supposedly some sort of combat arena, and the actual setting, while not bad, seems a little out of place. I get less of a futuristic, gritty combat arena and more warehouse or weird apartment complex.
    -The intro credits sequence and stretching scene takes about 3 minutes of the video

    A matter of taste, and some interjected comments of mine:
    -I almost didn't make it through the whole video the first time through, because Shadowstar is so strikingly hot. For some reason, she and Sadie start off the video by doing some trash talk and light stretching for about 2 minutes, and although this sounds painful, some of the dialogue and hotness of the actresses makes it incredibly sexy (IMO).
    -Filmed in England by real Brits, so British accents abound
    -The video is heavy on fighting, with mostly "dirty infighting" type moves with some martial arts kicks added in for flavor. It's not fancy, but the actresses sell it quite well. This is not an acrobatics show-- the heroines are rocked and are shown reeling from a sequence of blows.
    -Superpowers are used sparingly and mainly to change the tide of combat. This appears to be a "lower power" universe than the main NGC one.
    -In an effort to simulate a "reality show", there are periodic subtitles which represent "texts" from the world around the combat arena. To me, these are distracting and unnecessary, but I understand that some could view this as an interesting attempt to create a convincing world.
    -The end of the video is convincing, but it does NOT end with a knockout. I prefer KO endings, although this one was pretty decisive on the whole. For me the main problem was that Sadie required "outside interference" in order to come away with a win, and my preference is to see a dominant villain. Or, if there is outside interference, let it turn the tide early on, and allow the villain to dominate for the better part of the fight to show off his or her strengths. This bullet point is all IMO.
    -This is not a "self-contained" video experience, meaning portrayal of things like death and other decisive endings must be considered in the context of the story as a whole. The story arc and characterization are evidently very important to the producers here.
    -No sexual content whatsoever. Sadie briefly grabs Shadowstar by the jaw and taunts her; that's about as close as it gets.

    Overall, this is an excellent video. The producers have obviously put significant effort into every detail of the creation of this video and of the greater "Fail Safe Sisters" universe. The negatives are minor compared to the strengths. It's worth watching even if it doesn't meet all of your fetish needs, IMO. Shadowstar is blazingly hot.

    4/5 stars
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    That Merissa lady is incredible ... worth to buy the video already for her alone ...

    Pity for the villainess and her costume, would have been epic if they were at the level of Shadowstar :S

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    Thanks for the review. A bit of a fan of NGC myself, although I'm generally disappointed in the fact that few of their videos that I've seen end up with a heroine being taken down by a knockout blow - a lot of it seems to be chloroform or, worse yet, the heroine winning! Production values always tend to be good though, as well as the actresses for the heroines (Bit of a Bluebird and Angel fan myself).

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    Gorleser Guest
    Yes, I agree completely. This series appears to be catering to the peril/ryona crowd, and has the strengths you mentioned, but falls just a little short of being completely satisfying. NGC is committed to the story arc and characters, so it makes sense for the heroines to win some and lose some.

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    Gorleser Guest
    I do not trade videos created by producers like NGC, bpd, Rye, SHG, or any other independent producer. I am providing these reviews because I enjoy the product. I willingly pay money that I earn to legally purchase the videos these companies produce. And so should you.

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    Gorleser Guest

    Brief Review: Revenge 1: Beaten Down by Steve Noir *spoilers*

    Steve Noir in general has an excellent flair for camera work and as a producer of moody peril videos.

    -Short and reasonably priced video, goes a little over $1 per minute
    -Lead actress is a fox. She looks of mixed ethnicity (part African American).
    -Outfit is pretty skimpy-- workout shorts, low sneakers, tight top
    -Steve Noir's typically excellent camera work is on display here, even in a brief video. I think of him as the Hitchcock of this genre!
    -The male nemesis sells violence quite well and looks like he's had some training
    -If you like beat down videos, you will probably like this, as there are tons of punches and kicks thrown
    -There is a short chloroform scene (very brief shot of heroine unconscious after this scene), sold quite well by the actress

    -Setting is very bland (someone's house)
    -Otherwise relatively low production values
    -The beat down starts with about 8 minutes left in the video
    -Very simplistic storyline, possibly part of a larger story arc

    A matter of taste:
    -I was rather torn about the video.
    -It isn't advertised on the website as a custom, but when the credits roll one of the first words that we indicates this is a custom production. I definitely do NOT appreciate when the fact that a video is a custom is not made clear in promoting it to the general public, as I've indicated in prior reviews.
    -The first part of the video features the heroine returning to her house and stretching. While this worked incredibly well in the recent NGC video "Fail Safe Sisters", I am not as sold in this video. In the Fail Safe Sisters, the stretching scene not only features the two hot actresses showing their goods off, but there is also a significant amount of dialogue establishing the setting of the series, and trash talk between the two lead characters. This leads to the stretching scene crackling with tension and energy. In "Revenge 1: Beaten Down", the only thing the stretching scene establishes is that the lead actress is really hot. While this isn't a bad thing, I felt these moments could have been used for some additional purpose. More in the next bullet point...
    -The lead actress does not sell the beating well, in my opinion. A beat down video in order to sustain interest should establish how resilient the heroine is, and show clearly when her resilience is exceeded and she can't fight back (even if this is right away). This is done exceedingly well in a couple of Missy Rhodes videos from Superheroine Limited. The heroine of Revenge looks equally as fresh at the beginning and end of the video, despite some excellent selling by the nameless male villain, and despite just having been chloroformed! In fact, she only offers token resistance, and tries to strike back at the *end* of the video, not the beginning. If somehow the stretching scene established something about how tough the heroine was, or if she sold the beatdown better, in my opinion it would have made for a stronger video.
    -I don't understand why this is called "Revenge", since there is no story. Perhaps I am jumping the gun, because in the ad for the video it indicated that this would be part of a larger series.
    -I'm a little disappointed-- the main strengths of Steve Noir's videos are his incredible directing ability and talent in creating a moody atmosphere, neither of which were featured here.

    In summary, if you like Beat Down style videos, you will most likely enjoy and appreciate what Steve Noir has done here. My own tilt as a viewer has unfortunately led me to be disappointed with the product, from the time I discovered it was a custom through the lack of convincing selling of punishment.

    2/5 stars

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    Thank you for your review, although I'd like to stress out that when posting a new thread, you should both try to create in in the most relevant forum section, and to help people understand what you are talking about to the best of your abilities. In this case, for example, this section is much more relevant than the general 'Flavors of ryona' you had posted it at, and you should point out to potential readers that you are talking about a video from the company Heroine Movies and possibly provide the link to the video itself.

    With that having been said, please carry on with the discussion.

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    Gorleser Guest
    Thanks for that feedback! I'll remember those points for future posts.

    I was uncertain which forum this would go best in (having previously posted reviews in Wrestling and Superheroine sections). Please move it to a different section if that's possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorleser View Post
    Please move it to a different section if that's possible.
    I had already moved it when I made the above post, we're in the Superheroines section now :-P Let's go on topic from now on.

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    ? NGC Members only videos

    Is there anyway to watch or find somewhere to buy the members only videos I may have missed? Please help if you also enjoy watching NCG videos and you have any insight.

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    Unfortunately, the site owner insists on only hosting the videos for a limited time. I understand that he's trying to add incentive to becoming a member, but I find the practice asinine. There are people who may not have even heard of the site and when they discover it they can't go back and buy old member's videos? That's throwing away money. All we can do is e-mail him to let him know what a silly practice it is.

    Meanwhile, I suppose the best thing to do would become a member as soon as possible so you don't miss anything else. That's what the site wants anyway.
    The Limits Of Loyalty (Mass Effect's Miranda) To The Victor (Sacramento Kings' Cheerleader) Why Can't We Be Friends? (WWE's Paige) Tales Of Kriegmar - Gotcha! (The Blade Of Kriegmar's Linara & Alchana) The Mist Catchers (Dead Or Alive's Kasumi) Her Last Mistake (WWE's Aksana) Refuse To Lose (DC Comics' Atlee/Terra Cosplayer)

    More stories

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    If you know someone who is a member I suppose they could provide you with the link. I checked an email from back in Feb to see if it would work and it does. The links are hosted for quite some time it seems, you just need to keep the email.

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    Hmm what does NGC stadnds for?

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    They're supposedly hosted 'forever' so long as you have the e-mail with the link in your e-mail history. I've never seen one that failed to be available (as a member)

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    Superheroine Videos

    I am a fan of superheroine videos. I have about thirty in my collection...they are the kind of movies you find on
    SHG-Media and on heroine wanted to know if any one else gets these kind of movies and would like to discuss there favorites or anything about them......As of right now my favorite one I got is Supergirl/Doomsday from the is a good one.....just keep watching it over and over...

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    if anyone would like to know my list just ask......

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    I would, please send me a private note on here

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum :) I would ask that you don't turn this into a illegal video sharing thread, since that is not allowed... but discussing is ok!

    I meant to write here earlier but was too busy. My favs heroines in peril are Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Pink Ranger, Sailor Moon girls, but also other heroines who dress in sexy spandex costumes. Good for me that spandex seems to be almost like a uniform for superheroines :D

    Saddly I don't remember many of the video names of my favs, but most of them are japanese and made by Zen or Giga. Too bad Zen seems to have no idea what to do these days

    From western videos I like some that Rye has made, but most them just don't kinda have enough of violence and humiliation that I would like to see. Paris also had some studio who made really sexy videos (I can't remember the name). They focused mainly on humiliating the heroines after their defeat, which made those vids great to watch. Heroine Legends and NGC I hate. I'm not sure who is their audience. IMO their vids suck.
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    I'm a big fan of wonder woman/wonder girl. Well superheroines in general i guess haha. I watch mainly the JAV giga/akiba/zen videos, Ayaka Tomoda... I can't get over her :P Oh and sure i'd like to know your list!


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