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    Trading for Ladyfist, Paris Kennedy, Fightgirlz2000

    Hello! Please send me a private message to respond. To expediate the process, send me a download link to your video and tell me which of mine that you want.

    Some of my favorite clips that you might be interested in:

    Relic Raider 2 and 3
    Ring Divas - Private Sessions with Lacey (POV beatdown of female)
    Girls Can't Fight Vol. 1
    Slayer Paris episodes 1 - 6
    Hell Down Upon You (part 3)
    Superia - A GREAT, 47m sexy one-sided fight between a luscious Superia and male supervillain, full of low blows and breast blows
    Yoga vs. Lifeguard (from Paris Kennedy site)
    Prostyle Fantasies Cali Logan vs. Emily Addison - T&A Beatdown
    A few other Ring Divas (Bra & Thong destruction vol 2, 4, 6, Belly punching so cal val vs sam)
    Jenah Hex 1 & 2
    Superia the Vengeance Factor
    The Fortress, and Akiren (A Ring Divas production)
    Laying Down the Law (Paris Kennedy production)

    Each of these videos are at least 20 minutes, most are 30+, some are 40+.

    I'll be happy to trade any of the above videos for a video that fits the following descriptions.

    Videos that I am looking for:

    Any full-length ladyfist videos where Absynthe loses or seems to lose throughout the match.

    Paris Kennedy movies that are not listed above. (Girls Cant Fight Vol. 2, Prostyle wrestling, their superheroine stuff, any of the combat fetish website material)

    Any full length FvF FightGirlz2000 videos

    I may accept other videos for trade as well. Here's a general guideline:

    DEFINITELY interested in:
    Heavily acted and exaggerated reaction to blows
    Low blows
    Breast blows

    NOT interested in:
    Purely wrestling videos
    Traditional / real catfighting (rolling around, hair pulling, boring)
    Actual live fighting (again, boring)
    Videos less than 5 minutes.

    Thank you for your time! =)

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    This thread is actually against the forum rules (that you should have read) so I will be shutting it down.
    Don't do this. Ever.



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