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Thread: 7th Dream games

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    7th Dream games

    Not sure if anyone has seen this site yet or if it goes in this category, but this site has good stuff:

    They just released a new fighting-style game where u can customize the girl u fight vs.

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    booku Guest
    Holy shit! .. some good stuff indeed!

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    o.o ?
    where the download ?

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    Feb 2010
    Demon sex dungeon...take a left on the entrance to lust, then third door on the right.
    Not bad at all, i wonder if you can play as a female..

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    Feb 2010
    In the darkest corner of a cold basement.
    I just saw this game on for download, in three parts.
    I haven't downloaded it myself, mostly because at this point I'm trying to clean my hard drive up: Got too many scattered miscellaneous files right now ya'see... don't need to add to the mess.
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    Just PM me for my ID.

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    booku Guest
    o_O that game came out 2 days ago. Could that really be the real thing? I'll check it out and see

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    Callonia Guest
    At last! Finally a variety of girls, Sakura wasn't my type so....

    Went and bought the game already.

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    it doesn't seem like you can play as a girl and get beaten up/raped.

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    Callonia Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by eyeteeth View Post
    it doesn't seem like you can play as a girl and get beaten up/raped.
    Correct but they say they'll be adding more stuff to it so....

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    I'll give custom girl fight a try, but it probably plays like Mugen which doesn't appeal to me. I like wrestling-type ryona, but unfortunately, I've yet to find a single downloadable game where you can wrestle with attractive anime-looking characters who can be picked up off the ground and thrown down again indefinitely, at least until a reversal is made if yer playing against an AI. Kinda like if there was a Fighter Maker version of Rumble Roses, but even that game didn't suit me perfectly. They got up too fast and moved around too much when ya hit em on the ground. Flipping over face down after being stomped is a no-no. Toffi came pretty close with Princess of the Ring. Is there anything at all that's like it but with more wrestling-like "pick up physics?"

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    makoto12 Guest
    thank your sir



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