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    Comics superheroines losing

    hello everyone,

    i start this with a collection of Wonder woman in perilous situations.

    some samples enclosed
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    Here is the link:

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    Hello poupa, it's always nice to see new members sharing content with us. However please do read these rules about what kind of content you can share. Also if you share videos or sets of images, please put some preview/thumbnail pics into that post too. You use Imageshack or similar to upload images.

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    Hello onlinehero,

    Thank you for your advise.

    my post relates to comics scans from Dc comics that I collected from open sites all around the net. Is this type of content considered as illegal regarding to ryonani rules.

    Thank you for your answer.

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    Some more material here ImageShack Album - 21 images

    This concerns an old comics superheroines: Bullet Girl

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    I posted these in another thread, too - But may as well post here too. Catwoman losing rather brutally to Lady Shiva...

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    Looks like ol' Hawkeye (and artist Jim Cheung) are ryona fans!

    Love White Queen and Spider-Woman clawing at each other's clothes and that expression on Psylocke's face.
    The Limits Of Loyalty (Mass Effect's Miranda) To The Victor (Sacramento Kings' Cheerleader) Why Can't We Be Friends? (WWE's Paige) Tales Of Kriegmar - Gotcha! (The Blade Of Kriegmar's Linara & Alchana) The Mist Catchers (Dead Or Alive's Kasumi) Her Last Mistake (WWE's Aksana) Refuse To Lose (DC Comics' Atlee/Terra Cosplayer)

    More stories



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