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    Teen Girl - Post your blackmail ideas here

    Spoilers for chapter 3.

    For anyone who has read the end of chapter 3, you know that Mr. Ross, an overweight 48 year old, has footage of Teen Girl's rape. I hope it doesn't spoil too much to say that he finally has the blackmail material he needs to have the poor girl under his control.

    The question is, now what will he do with her?

    I have a few ideas of my own, some of them are probably a little cliche maybe. But I think I can put a new twist on some classic blackmail scenarios. I intend the blackmail thing to be an ongoing story in Teen Girl. That's right - even after the next chapter, Megan Summers will still have to answer to Mr. Ross, and an increasing number of other blackmailers. So I need a stream of fresh ideas, and this thread will be used to kick them around.

    For anyone that comes up with a great idea, and it can be as simple or as detailed as you like, and if I end up using that idea, I'll credit your username in the chapter your idea is used. That includes the greyarchive (if it ever gets up there, I'm still waiting for chapter 2 to get up on greyarchive).

    These are some of my own ideas...

    Megan is so fearful of Ross releasing the rape footage and her secret identity that she allows him to torture her. This could include beating her with a baseball bat, tying her for long periods of time, whipping her, electrocution, and (here's a crazy idea I had) having her lie down while he drops bowling balls ontop of her from the top of a ladder.

    Other general BDSM Dom/sub stuff - having her be his maid, humiliating her by having her act like a dog, having her lick his shoes, clean the floor with her tongue, spanking, slapping, costumes, etc.

    Speaking of costumes, he could suggest alterations to her superhero outfit.

    Public stuff - these ideas are probably the most derivitive of other erotic stories I've read. But I mean, if it works, it works. Taking her to the mall/shopping centre (somewhere where they aren't recognized) and having her pretend like they're some couple, bringing her to different clothing shops while she tries on different outfits, having her have sex/give blowjobs to guys in shops in exchange for clothes and other items, bringing her to some erotic cinema and having her suck off strangers.

    School stuff - He'll suggest alterations to her school uniform, and have her go to the school principal and convince him to let her have these alterations. Other members of the male faculty can start to come in on the blackmail. Failure to comply with the order of just one task could result in some inventive collective punishment, like the group peeing on her.

    As the Teen Girl chapters role on, more and more stuff might crop up that some people here may not like, like the suggested watersports above. I'm not even totally keen on watersports myself - its more the idea of how humiliating and disgusting it would be for her that does it for me. Part of ryona, for me, and part of trying to mold Megan into the ultimate ryona victim, is having her degraded, humiliated, embarrassed, toyed with, hurt, mindfucked, in any way possible. In saying that, there are lines I won't cross. Like scat. I'll never do scat.

    I hope to see some inventive suggestions.

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    Thanks for your continued support.

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    Some public wrestling / fighting maybe ...forcing her to throw fights and take a beating / humiliation?

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    Yes thats an interesting idea. How about some kind of underground tournament involving people with superpowers?

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    Sounds good. It gives you lots of ways of fitting in different powers/situations without the need for too much background plot too as she goes from one wrestler to the next!

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    I think I'm going to start the next chapter with Megan incased in cement.

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    Hey kained, just curious if you're still working on the Teen Girl story? Not looking for a release date or anything. Just looking forward to the next chapter and wanted to make sure it's still going.

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    Just started a Uni course last week, gonna be hard to find time, but I'm sure there will be one or two sleepless nights where I can make some updates.



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